Don’t Give Up

If something is important to you, it’s not likely to be easy to achieve. If you’re not achieving your goal, ask yourself some questions.

Do I have the training, skills or qualifications to achieve my goal?

If not, get them. If you’re thinking of whining about how much time, money, or effort it will take, you don’t want this goal very much.

Am I approaching this opportunity the correct way?

Do research and get the connections to learn the right way.

Am I really putting in the effort or expecting it to fall in my lap? On rare occasions, an opportunity falls in my lap. I repeat, rarely.

Am I¬†practicing patience? I know it’s not easy. I’m convinced God put me on earth to learn patience. Sometimes, events have to fall in place before your piece of the puzzle will fit.

Ask the people around you who will be honest and listen to their feedback on how to improve your chances of success. Find other successful people and ask them to teach you.

I know a guy who wanted to become a mechanic. Cars were his passion. He told the best mechanic in town he’d work free, as an apprentice for a set amount of time to learn. When his apprenticeship was up, the guy hired him. He now owns his on business.

Motivation, drive, desire and persistence–go for it.